Welcome to Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On.
I am so glad that you are here.

Janice Formichella

Breakup coach, writer and co-host of Ex-Philes

After going through a painful divorce, recovering from domestic violence, and hitting rock bottom in her 30s she decided to support others to build new lives after heartbreak through one-on-one coaching and co-creating Ex-Philes. 

As a breakup coach, Janice supports individuals who are struggling with the pain and confusion of a broken heart to turn their breakup into a magical opportunity. With a focus on overcoming loneliness and living a desire-led life, she works with people to become passionate about being their own soulmates and using solo time as a superpower. 

When she is not working on Ex-Philes or other work projects Janice loves to explore new places, enjoy a bit of girl talk, watch true crime documentaries, read about 19th-century women’s history, and enjoy fancy cocktails at fancy locations.