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Let me be your breakup buddy! Get direct access to my calendar here to schedule a FREE consultation. Breakup? Want to know how to cope? I’ve got you.  Today I am sharing five tips/practices/strategies for coping when your heart is so broken that you can barely think straight. Remember – it is okay and healthy to set your grief aside while you allow your system to adjust to your new reality. This episode will give you ideas on how to do it.  Quotes:  “It is okay to have bad days and hard moments during a breakup.”  “There is a crucial grieving process to any breakup, have faith that it is temporary, and don’t spiral.” “As much as we may try to put on a brave face, interactions with others can be really hard when we are hurting so much.” “Time does do a lot to help a person heal. But so does intention and showing up for yourself.” “Remember, it is always, always better to be single than in a relationship that isn’t working.” Episodes for more support:  164: Breakup healing routines 159: How to stop thinking about your ex 157: Breakup? You’ll get through this. Here’s why.  And please go look between episode 156 and 154 for a bonus affirmations track that you can play on your hard days.  Want to connect? Email: breakupspodcast@gmail.com IG: @breakupspodcast  Love Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On? Let me know by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts.  ____________________________________________________________________________ Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On with Janice Formichella is an inclusive space for all adults who are looking to heal their hearts and have happy relationships. I believe that love is love and that there are a wide variety of different types of relationships and that all are valid. I recognize each individual's right to self-identify. As a podcast host, I am dedicated to making this a safe space for all and strive to portray that in my content. I welcome feedback on my efforts and thank you for being a part of the community. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/breakupspod/support
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